vendredi, mai 21, 2010

scaphandre cousteau

Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1910-1997) is the man who discovered the submarine world. He is the one who said to the world: there is something hidden under the water, full of secret beauties. Even if he clearly wanted to exploit the marine resources when he was young, he became a pioneer concerning the protection of the environment.

My concern today is about his famous boat "La Calypso", a boat he was given by mister Guiness (!) himself. It sank in Singapour in 1996, was tug to Marseille, then to La Rochelle and Concarneau in France in 1998. A nice film shows how it was tug. The owner of the boat, the Cousteau society, wasn't able to honour the repairing (1 700 000 euros). There is a lawsuit between the chantiers Piriou and them. The boat is currently kept in one of this society hangar. I don't understand why the French Ministre de la Culture don't pay the bill. The Calypso is part of France history & heritage. And the price is... a drop.