samedi, avril 17, 2010


Today I want to point to the debut album of Tolouse Low Trax, "Mask Talk", my best music discovery these last months. Tolouse Low Trax is Detlef Weinrich from the German electronic band Kreidler (Thomas Klein, Andreas Reihse, Detlef Weinrich). This album is a new Karaoke Kalk release and it is absolutely FANTASTIC!
The funny thing is that Detlef grew up in southern Germany, near the German and Swiss border, close to my home town. As a teenager, we were going to the same venues, such as Totentanz in Basel, a great place where you could see the best bands, listen and dance to the best music.
It was a surprise to chat with Detlef and see that we had friends in common, such as Bruno, who later was Ruppert Everett's homme de main or Pascal Imbert, who became a clothing designer in Paris. These people were en avance sur leur temps, regarding to the futuristic life energy they could spread.

You can order Tolouse Low Trax's album les yeux fermés.