jeudi, avril 01, 2010


LE CLOU DANS LE FER is a very interesting publishing company specialized in contemporary poetry based in Reims. The director of the Expériences Poétiques collection is the poet Michaël Battala. LE CLOU DANS LE FER is open to different poetic genres, which is rare. They are also open to different countries: the poetry catalog includes Italia (Andrea Inglese), Belgium (Vincent Tholomé), Spain (Ramon Dachs) and soon, America and Germany (Franz Mon). I'm very pleased to announce that I signed a contract with LE CLOU DANS LE FER for NOËL JIVARO, my first real poetry book (128 pages). NOEL JIVARO gathers 10 years of poetry (1994-2004), with 4 sections in it:

1. Mille Colombes
2. L'égalité des signes
3. People des gens
4. Low Frequency Oscillator

On the cover, a christmas tree decorated with Jivaros shrunken heads (drawing by Florence) without the tree.