mercredi, mars 24, 2010

Since I couldn't sleep the last night, I started to check Luis Bunuel's biography on Wikipedia, because we just saw Viridiana for the first time (a few days ago, we watched "El", "Le Charme discret de la bourgeoisie" and "La vie criminelle d'Archibald de la Cruz", 4 fantastic films). Then I checked some of his son's Rafael's drawings and thought about the story I'm writing. One chapter happens in Ukraine; so I checked some photos of Odessa and Simferopol, a city not for from Sebastopol. I remember that my mother's ancestors are supposed to come from Crimea and checked it on this genealogical website, where I could see that many "Eisenbraun" (my mother's name) were born in Simferopol; I also love this castel on the southern Crimea coast, called Swallow's Nest. It's an Italian restaurant now and the website is fabulous. I was surprised to see how beautiful Ukraine's prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko is and suddenly thought about this new model from Morocco: Hind Sahli. I saw her in Crash, the French fashion magazine. She is gorgious and I went to see some more pictures about her. Then, going back to Ukraine, I saw on Google map that Simferopol is close to Yalta. This is how ended my internet tour, one hour and 9 minutes later: from Luis Bunuel to the Yalta conference... It's a good exercise to make, after one or two hours wandering on internet; the connections between informations are restored.