samedi, mars 27, 2010

No, I won't go to see Tim Burton's Alice. I saw the posters with the horrible design. Beurk!!! I think that Johnny Depp is devastating his filmography. This is what happens aesthetically when you like rock'n roll, motorbikes and dollars. Quel gâchis!

Instead of this one, I recommend a very good Alice, a Czech one with a much smaller budget: the Jan Svankmajer's one (1988).

Speaking about Czechoslovaki, we just discovered the two lovely characters from "Pojdte Pane" by Bretislav Pojar and Miroslav Stepanek. I feel close to the small bear, being naive and candid. And I said to my wife that she's more like the big one; but she doesn't agree.

You can measure the quality of one society through its art. The communist era is not only Stalin, the cold war and the gulag. The successful fruits of communism do exist. If you watch early Otar Iosseliani movies in the communist Georgia, or these animation movies for children, you see that people had a room to dream. They had to fight for it and this is why their dreams are beautiful: they will last forever.