mardi, mars 16, 2010

train web

The new issue of Novo magazine is out, with an interesting interview with Jürgen Teller (this is why you have Kate Moss on the cover), or an article which made me discover the very interesting artist Sue Mei Tse (see the youtube video below). The train drawing by Florence was made for my article, but couldn't fit in. It's the train that I took in New Jersey to meet Angelo Badalamenti in Lincoln Park, with the trees whipping the wagons...

You can read my article in French (page 44/47) about the filming of my documentary "Prelude to sleep", and older memories from 1951, 2007, 2003 and 1982... The band drawing (page 46/47) is Pavillon 26, a legendary local band I briefly played with when I was 16. Right after, there is an article about the poet Matthieu Messagier. I recently saw this good documentary about him. There are two articles about poetry in the same magazine, incredible. Where do they talk about poetry, now?