mercredi, mars 03, 2010

I know that this sequence has already been on this blog not so long ago ("Die große Ekstase des Bildschnitzers Steiner" by Werner Herzog; music Popol Vuh). But since it's the most beautiful music and the most beautiful images together, it's never enough... Now my wife claims that it's her favorite music for a long time too. It sounds like she's stealing my statement, saying that she said it before me, which is untrue. I'm going to break her skis; but she doesn't have skis. I should break her glasses instead, they are reading skis, or drawing skis... In fact, she says that we are very lucky to share the same tastes. It's true; what a chance.

If you're in Paris, please come to the great Ekstase tomorrow (see the previous post). You will not know sur quel pied danser, or sur quel pied skier.