lundi, février 01, 2010


(Promo CD back cover)

Here is a Momus review of my next album 'Goto' (8th may on Karaoke Kalk). It's written without having listened to the record, a deaf constraint that I proposed him. Momus is imbattable in that game!

"Toog's GOTO dizzies with quiet inventiveness, and -- with its cunningly topical, tropical African instrumentation and surging, voodoo polyrhythms -- pushes the reset button on the pop song artform just in time for a new decade. Traffic Jam imagines Jacques Tati in the film Samuel Beckett never made with Harmony Korine, Goto is what Oliver Messaien would have sounded like lost in the jungles of Ghana, recording the cries of carnivorous birds even as they tear him and his expensive tape recorder to pieces. La Chambre Noire is an inscrutable poem accompanied only by the whimpering sound the Marquis de Sade makes daily in hell (Toog has found a way to lower a heat-resistant piezo mic into the devil's innermost chamber). L'esprit de l'inventeur, an astonishing tour de force, shoots across France faster than the speed of sound in tight formation with the Red Arrows, the famous ariel acrobatic team, ejecting only at the last possible moment before impact, as only the greatest Indian gurus know how. I can honestly say that I have never heard anything like this record."