mercredi, février 03, 2010


It takes me ages to finish the Tanizaki's book "The Makioka Sisters" (900 pages - 1948) but I must say that I really enjoy this novel, as I enjoyed Kawabata or Haruki Murakami. Nothing really extraordinary happens, except a flooding near Osaka or a typhoon; it's just the regular life of 4 sisters. One is married (Sachi ko); one is proposed husbands (Youki ko); one has moved to Tokyo with her husband and children; one is a rebel (Tae ko). What I find extraordinary is to know from the inside how things used to work in Japanese families, where modernity is slowly crawling (the younger sister Tae ko tries to get rid of tradition). What I like about these writers is their ability to talk about home. Home life becomes the most spectacular spectacle.