mardi, février 09, 2010


During 5 minutes on 9th january 2010, France encountered bankruptcy. Some France Culture listeners started to take measures, like emptying their bank accounts or selling their shares. My friend Joseph Confavreux announced this terrible fact through a special flash info, at the beginning of his radio program about radio history, which sparked off a lot of reactions from the listeners (150 messages on the forum) and from his employers (France Culture is part of Radio France, the national radio). Inevitably, Joseph was convoked in the radio head office because of his canular. He was scolded, reprimanded, threatened, risking his job instead of being honoured and congratulated. He had to apologize on his émission web page... Bravo, Joseph, for your courage, even if your program was about panic & hoax on the radio (Orson Welles's program was also announced at the beginning as the War of the Worlds).