dimanche, décembre 06, 2009

Today I edited this new video for the Goto album project. It's the opening song of the record: Traffic Jam. I started to write this song many years ago and finished it today with this video. It's a little bit strange to start a project called "Goto" with a traffic jam: if you're stuck in a traffic jam, you'll never have a chance to go to. But to Goto, you have to be smart and find hidden and dazzling shortcuts.

The world is overwhelmed with traffic jams. Traffic jams everywhere. Not only the old cars & trucks genre, but also traffic jams for water, food, healthcare, technique. Paradoxically, traffic jam is also a guarantee of variety in this world, variety coming from proliferation. It's the way nature has always managed to survive. Traffic jam is very painful, but it's also a chance to preserve the unique spectacle of diversity. So the best thing to do for a contemplative eye is to witness this marvelous spectacle and then to escape and take a free ride on a lonely road with all the good memories, and try to make something creative out of it.