mercredi, décembre 09, 2009

Here is an other video I have just edited for illustrating the song "My house" (also part of the "Goto" album project on Karaoke Kalk). "My House" is probably the most sophisticated song I have ever recorded, with many different parts in it; a long and funny interruption occurs just after the song seems to have taken off. It's a song extremely close to my spirit, filled with nostalgia and deep frame depth. Sudden humour cracks can play a trick on the listener and unsettle the listening (this is what Momus calls my left-handed style). The video was shot in San Diego, California, with our friend Carolina Aboumrad as a gentle guide. I wanted to film there, because I saw a book of photographs in France about these rapidly, anarchically growing housing areas in southern California. Hope you like it!