dimanche, novembre 01, 2009

We love Guy Maddin. Yesterday we saw his first movie, the excellent THE DEAD FATHER (1985), in which one father who's dead while being not totally dead, keeps making incursions in his house... After Werner Herzog, Beaubourg is proposing a full retrospective of the Winnipeg's hero. His films really need to be watched on a large screen. I experienced watching CAREFUL on the computer screen and gave up, thinking this is shit.

At Beaubourg, I went to see it again by mistake; it was obvious that this film is unbelievable, a masterpiece, much more interesting for me than the TALES FROM THE GIMLI HOSPITAL. Guy Maddin came to Paris for introducing MY WINNIPEG, an artistic documentary about his sleepwalking town. He talked about his dog Spanky and showed us before a short about him. Maddin almost cried because Spanky died shortly after that film in which he keeps running all the time. Then he said in a smile, that he probably killed him, because he wasn't a young dog anymore.