dimanche, novembre 29, 2009

More seriously than the previous one, here is a new music video called "Goto", with the beautiful voice of David Fenech. Some people know that "Goto" is also the title for my possible 5th album, which is an anagram of Toog. This video is part of a 70 minutes film. It was shot in the USA: Texas (Big Bend), New Mexico (White Sands), Arizona, Nevada, Utah (Great Salt Lake), California.

TOOG /// GOTO /// KARAOKE KALK (2010/06)

01. Traffic Jam
02. Où va la vie (with Fashion Flesh)
03. Goto (with David Fenech)
04. Ébréché
05. I love you (with Fashion Flesh)
06. Alabama gay
07. Are visages electric? (with Fashion Flesh)
08. My house
09. La chambre noire
10. L'esprit de l'inventeur (with Michel Gondry)