lundi, novembre 09, 2009

The Corona Cork Film Festival was a great experience for me, probably the first time I really felt like a "film director". There was a real public, at least 150 people showed up to the screening of Prélude au sommeil. The film was introduced by the festival director, Mick Hannigan, in his cinema Kino on Washington street. The organizers were all charming people and we had one day off taking a drive to the beautiful sceneries of the Ireland south-west. We also enjoyed the city of Cork, its marvelous market, where Flo bought an excellent smoked salmon. We saw many films and some exhibitions and performances. On saturday morning, I went to a lecture about the new Canon 5 D and 7 D digital cameras, which are being used by film makers such as Monte Hellman. Our last night on saturday, we went to see Samson and Delilah by Warwick Thornton. Here you can see a movie about these few days with Florence, shot with my mini DV.