samedi, octobre 24, 2009


In two weeks we will fly to Cork, Ireland, where I will represent Prelude au sommeil at the Corona Film Festival. It will be screened 8th november at 6:30. It was already screened in Ireland in the last september, at the Oscillations Festival. I'm thrilled to go there with Florence and we will probably see a lot of movies. I also want to make a short trip to the Kilnary Park and the southern coast.

These days were very busy writing new scripts, making music and poetry. How is it possible to work on 3 arts in the same time? Actually it's not in the same time. I can spend 3 weeks writing, or even more, without making music at all. Then going back to music for some time. Poetry is always possible, because I'm a short poem poet. For instance, from yesterday evening to today, I wrote 12 new poems.

Now, I write scripts and want to shoot films. It is a passion and also the way I can make money. Since my short film called the Prepared piano had been rejected 4 times, and due to some reactions, it makes sense for me to turn it into a feature film. There can't be any feature film without shorts before. I wrote a short called Dictaphone, based on a poem: a house wife is having an illumination and she has to kill her husband for preserving it.

About Toog: I have to imagine a concert which is interesting for me. It's not exciting to press play and sing along my own recorded music. The Goto album is mixed, and I can say that I'm proud of it; it is my little and personal Pet sounds. The contributions of David Fenech and John Talaga did work very well. Maybe my old friend Digiki, if he's having time, will imagine an other production for Goto. Not a remix but a re-production, as he says. There could be 2 versions, the original one and the re-production. Then I could use the re-production for possible live shows; that sounds more exciting.