lundi, juillet 06, 2009

case d'armons

This little notebook, very small (20 pages and only 25 copies made) was printed by the poet Guillaume Apollinaire during WWI, with the same paper / ink and procédé as the Tranchman'Echo, his company's zine. "Case d'Armons" later became part of his poetry book "Caligrammes". I went to the Drouot auction place where one very rare copy of "Case d'Armons" was sold for... 210 000 euros. The Tranchman'Echo, one empty page, was sold around 15 000 euros. Soldiers zines are a very small page of history, but they are probably more relevant than many photos and films about this tragic period. I regret to have not seen the exhibition "Orages de papier" ("Paper storms", what a beautiful title) about it.

tranchman echo