lundi, mai 11, 2009


madame rieber

Caroline la tortue has a leash. Miss Rieber explains that she's now about 50 years old, older than her oldest children, who grew up playing with it. It is strange to think that such a small animal domestique can live such a long life. No rabbit, cochon d'Inde, cat, bird or dog can compete with la tortue called Caroline.


My mother is picking stones on the Rhine shore, 15 kilometers away from our home town. She wants to go back painting faces on them and asked me to choose the ones who have strange smiles, crooked faces, horned cranes. She found one alien amongst many others. In the seventies, she used to sell them in Strasbourg, from winstub to winstub.

la petite maison

I grew up in a forest called Tannenwald, a forest where there is no Tannen to be seen. It is gorgious in may, but which part of the nature world isn't beautiful in spring? Nature is not the opposite of culture, nature is the culture of nature, while culture is not the culture of culture.