mercredi, février 04, 2009

irak's marsh

A few words about classical music. What we call classical music was not called classical when the composers were at work. They couldn't have had this following dialogue with friends, in a bar or at a party: "what are you doing now? Oh, I'm composing classical music!". Why? Because the music wasn't classical yet, it was new music, avant-garde music, the composers were searching for new directions. So when did their music start to relate to the classical music definition? And who call their music "classical" first? Remember the chicken and the egg: who came first, the egg or the chicken?

For me who's a believer, I believe that God was the first to call their music classical. Because God created the chicken and the egg all together, as he did with classical music. The real question now is: who was the Adam & Eve of classical music? Could the Adam & Eve of classical music have been German? It's not possible to place the Eden garden of classical music in Germany, for this country is too cold. Paradise is supposed to be in Irak, where you find the original rivers mentioned in the Bible (Tiger and Euphrate). But Irak is probably not the place where classical music started, unless Adam & Eve had a piano. I want to point a finger at this: nothing in the Bible says that Adam & Eve had no piano.