lundi, février 09, 2009


He was an important figure in our rock pantheon, even if I wasn't personally into guitar rock, in 1983. He sounded like a real rock'n roll saint. A rock figure who served music rather than a poseur attached to his personal image and profit. A genuine rock'n roll saint and not a rock'n roll hero. There are rock'n roll heroes but these are not the rock'n roll saints. I don't say saint in a secular sense: I talk about religion, my religion. In my religion, rock'n roll saints try to deliver their own truth as raw as they found it. I was aware of that when I was 15, listening to Jeffrey Lee Pierce's anger. This rock'n roll anger sounded almost divine to my ears because it sounded true. Rock has always been depicted by conservative christians as a devilish act. I'd like them to tell me how to express anger and pain in popular music then... God bless Lux Interior and his poisoned (but still alive) widow.