mercredi, décembre 31, 2008

Lichen Flo

We went to the Michelbach pond, an artifial lake which diameter is about 4 km. Since the soil was frozen, I said bye bye to the people, bye bye to the regular path through the forest and decided to walk alone along the shore, which is impossible when it's hot because your shoes are trapped in mud. I was happy like this, having always enjoyed to walk my way in the unknowed unpath. Sorry to bother you, heron, hero with a N. After 2 kilometers, as I approached a magnifique reed bush, beautiful straw forest with floating feathers hats, a wild boar unexpectedly went out of it running towards me before turning 90° right along the shore, so that I could see his ass and gentil balancing tail. My panic turned into wonder when I saw a full pack of boars all in line, appearing from the reed forest and escaping my dangerous presence. What an incredible experience it was, to witness alone with no gun or camera, the wild & free in its pure essence; I said thanks.

bird house