samedi, décembre 20, 2008

Visiting Yemen in 1989, one year before the reunification. I went there with a blind man, a friend of my brother Julien who's also blind. The strange thing was about verbalizing the trip, which is like living the trip two times, formulating what will become memories in the present. We couldn't go to Aden and it was sad, since Aden is the place where Rimbaud lived. I've just red the best biography I've ever red, Vita di Moravia, which is a 350 pages dialog with a journalist. Alberto Moravia says that Rimbaud probably stopped writing because of his precocity. Moravia who had the same experience of precocity, had to wait almost 20 years to be able to write something as strong as his first novel. Yesterday evening, I watched this short documentary by Pier Paolo Pasolini called the walls of Sana'a, in which he asks the Unesco to protect the pearl of Arabie heureuse. When I was in Sana'a, I remember having seen scaffoldings against the old walls. Sana'a was declared world heritage in 1986.