mardi, décembre 16, 2008

pot adieu zone libre échange

This is what we call a pot d'adieu, a bye bye drink at Point éphémère, after our last France Culture radio show there. Last one was about... death and it was really interesting since we had the directeur des pompes funèbres de Paris and also a young pompes funèbres boss (funeral companies). Both of them were very friendly, happy people, who consider death seriously but not in a morbid way at all. I wrote two songs, one was a cover of Francis Cabrel 'Je l'aime à mourir' turned to 'Je l'aide à mourir'. As you can see on the photo, Toog looks really sad with his Champagne cup and his head full of hair de toutes natures. I will record the songs created for the radio program since I was totally free and it was so inspiring, to write under constraint. About 15 songs should be part of an album that I'm planning, which is not Goto (Goto is not as sad as Lou étendue, but it is still sombre & slow; while this new musical project is happy & charming). I hope to go on stage with this new project in 2009, because these are songs that I would enjoy to sing live.