dimanche, novembre 16, 2008


Pasolini: I love Sandro Penna's poetry and he was Penna's friend. Both were gay poets. I'm a gay poet too, without being homosexual. The best response I received for my poetry always came from gay readers or publishers, as if the essence of my lyricism was gay. Bernardo Bertolucci's father, the poet Attilio Bertolucci, helped Pasolini to become a writer in the early 50's. It's funny to see how poetry crosses cinema in this house where Attilio, Bernardo (also a poet) and Pasolini's family were neighbours for many years. I recall when we went to see Ninetto Davoli, Pasolini's biggest love & acteur fétiche, when he came to Marseille around 1993 or 1994. Tonight I watched a 1966 french documentary about Pasolini; you see Davoli's real family house, with a Davoli cardboard sign on the front door in some poor Roma suburbs. Pasolini was so destroyed when Ninetto decided to marry a woman, that he wrote more than one hundred sonnets. He was so destroyed that he prophetized his own death in one sonnet, announcing the specific circomstances of his death (prostitution, car, robbery).

"Il redoutait en outre de voir comment la télévision et le pouvoir d’Etat, en étroite connivence, étaient en train de façonner et manipuler le peuple. Il voulait dénoncer cela avec vigueur. Il trouvait qu’il y avait une sorte de conjuration des politiques et des médias pour abrutir la population." (Ninetto Davoli, 1995)

Ab gioia.