samedi, novembre 01, 2008

baraque aux bahamas

Here is a real house in the Bahamas. Not in a good shape. But you can see a red 'welcome' sign under the little tower, which means hope: the house is still standing, ready for being renewed. So what the point with a fragile house in the Bahamas? If you translate 'I have a house in the Bahamas' in french, it makes: 'j'ai une maison aux Bahamas'. But you can also say: 'j'ai une baraque aux Bahamas', which is the slang word for maison. Understood? 'Baraque aux Bahamas'; the one you see on the photo is the one Barack will receive in a few days if he's becoming the next President of the USA. Still standing, but a lot of work, with hope. And here is a 1968 archive of the french television, showing John Mac Cain when he was a prisoner in Viet Nam after his 23rd pilot raid on Hanoï.