dimanche, octobre 26, 2008

vannier amalric

Yesterday on France Culture I had to make one song about lawyers, so I wrote this song called LE PROCES (the lawsuit) in which the devil's organizing a BBQ in his garden. And there's this guy called JC, almost bald, who's getting his two last hair burnt while trying to light the fire. JC is sueing the devil since he wants him to pay him full hair implants. I'm the devil's lawyer in the song. You can listen to it in the program archives (check the link on the right), it was around 4PM.

We saw this extraordinary film by Dennis Hopper at the french cinematheque, THE LAST MOVIE, a movie that's entering my top ten pantheon (I don't say my top ten pantalons, I have less than 10 pantalons). Hopper is having a full retrospective at the cinematheque (built by FRANCK GEHRY), with an exhibition accompanying the retrospective, since Hopper is an art addict since the 60's, an artist himself and an excellent photographer. THE LAST MOVIE is probably one of the most crazy / arty / free movie produced by the Hollywood studios. It's a gold mine for amateur gold diggers.

Lucky week since an other incredible moment happened with the MELODY NELSON (1971) live performance played by a real orchestra and conducted by Jean-Claude Vannier, who co-wrote and arranged this incredible OVNI (UFO). I was so moved that I could cry and in fact, I cried. I cried silently which is something you can do in english. BRIAN MOLKO sang the first song and his performance was very intense. Then Brigitte Fontaine, Daniel Darc, Matthieu Amalric, Alain Chamfort, followed. For us, MOLKO and DARC were the best. Also the reading by the french actor MATHIEU AMALRIC was excellent. But the hip actor Clothilde Hesme did not have the MELODY NELSON vibe, she's too conventional and it was a mistake to invite her. I regret they didn't invite BENJAMIN BIOLAY, Gainsbourg's closest living ghost and biggest fan / connaisseur. J.C. VANNIER also played his composition L'Enfant assassin des mouches (1972), an other master piece. It's worth living if you have the chance to witness such incredible pieces of art.