dimanche, octobre 05, 2008

cagesan at hi-nu

We are very sad today because the little bird Cagesan died this morning. We were spending a few days in Corsica and Cagesan stayed in Beauvais. It's during his trip back to Paris early this morning, in a truck full of birds, that the young artist caught a cold. Florence kept him in her hand to make him warm when I noticed that his little heart didn't beat anymore. It's very sad because his morning chanting enchanted every day. The little bird Cagesan leaves this life after a short music career with one only and remarquable album: "I love machine" (Beaubrun, 2006). He also had a wardrobe released for his dream body and a fashion video made by Elisabeth Creseveur. His music website has been designed by Antoine Bédard in Vancouver.