jeudi, octobre 30, 2008

Suddenly I couldn't stand my headphones anymore and decided to go to the cinema, to see DE LA GUERRE (ON WAR, 2008), a Bertrand Bonello movie with Mathieu Amalric, Asia Argento, Guillaume Depardieu (†), Clotilde Hesme. I went to the cinema Racine Odeon, 30 minutes walk. In this movie, the main character played by Amalric is a film director who's fed up with his life and enters a community called Le Royaume, in which there's one only war to make: the one to gain pleasure. I loved the movie, Asia was great as the queen, but I couldn't see the pleasure & joy the film was about... It was cold outside, I lighted a cigarette and saw a poster with the new Harmony Korine movie, MISTER LONELY.

One A4 page was pasted on it and it said that Harmony Korine would be there for the avant-première one hour later! So I went for a walk, called Kumi and asked her if she'd like to sing a Dalida cover on France Culture with me on saturday and came back.

MISTER LONELY, surprisingly, was almost the same film as the Bonello one, but instead of a slow & intellectual community, it's the royaume of the impersonators. There's also his previous project in the movie, with the nuns falling from a plane in the jungle. Who drives the plane? Werner Herzog, of course. In this small Paris cinema, there was Agnes B, Harmony's producer, introducing him. Jonas Mekas, my personal cinema pope & supreme hero since 1994, was sitting in the same row as me. Gaspard Noe also and Bertrand Bonello himself was there too, he could see the other side of the mirror, the funny, colourful and lively side. Sorry, we're french. We didn't gave birth to pop culture, we complain, kill the king and love sexy knees.


Harmony's talk after the film was an incredible show, so hilarious, moreover his translator was shy and couldn't speak english very well. HK said how the film was born from an empty leash barking in Panama* and Tennessee, how it was written with chicken & honey. Were his lies true? If they are true, this man is a pure merveille of poetry. Harmony, who I briefly saw ten years ago in our hotel room in NYC with Momus, asked me about him and I said that Momus has become berlinois. I asked Harmony to say hello to Joseph Whitt and Alton Harold when he's back in Nashville, our dear friends who came all the way from Alabama to our wedding the last year. Harmony looked surprised: how could I know Joseph Whitt? Harmony's going to have a show at the gallery curated by Joseph in Nashville, starting in february 2009.

*Panama is a link between the two films, since Mathieu Amalric plays the villain in the new 007 and they shot there.