mardi, octobre 21, 2008


People seem to have enjoyed my first film "Prélude au sommeil" (Prelude to sleep) as we enjoyed Jean-Jacques Perrey and David Chazam's show at the LUFF Festival. In the room near the show, they were playing Richard Kern movies. It was funny to jump from the naïve pop atmosphere of Jean-Jacques Perrey to the sarcastic and trash images of Richard Kern 80's movies, beautiful on a big screen. Earlier, when we got to the Lausanne station, there was no chauffeur as announced on the info sheet. In fact, the chauffeur drove a guy to the LUFF headquarter and introduced him as mister Weinzaepflen, coming from Paris. The silent man then said: I'm not this WZZFL?!!! guy: my name is Richard Kern... Jean-Jacques stopped smoking after 65 cigarette years; he's healthy again.