vendredi, octobre 31, 2008

Palombaggia tree

I always wear my ski shoes when we go to the beach, because having stopped skiing, it's the only chance to wear it. It's heavy to carry and it takes a lot of room in my luggage, but I usually go to the beach with only one tee-short, which is a tee-shirt with a short in one. And you can fill the ski shoes with a lot of useful stuff (tooth whitener, tooth paste, tooth brush, blue tooth, tooth picks, tooth fairies). When they ask me at the airport why do I bring ski shoes to the beach, I always say that it's very helpful when you want to observe fish and coral, it keeps your feet on the submarine ground.


Tomorrow 1st november 3pm/5pm, I will sing one new song for France Culture (theme of the day: le théatre). There will also be a cover of Dalida "Mourir sur scène" (to die (1st november again) on stage), sung by Kumisolo! I asked the Chicken Orchestra to collaborate on this cover, so don't be surprised if you hear singing chickens in the Dalida song. Why chickens? Because of the beat of the song that sounds like chickens, and because of Harmony Korine, who explained that Mister Lonely wouldn't have been written without chicken nuggets and honey sauce, his brother's fuel. They shared the writing and Harmony appealed his brother to the computer by putting some honey sauce nearby.

I remember the lovely Harmony Korine song written by Momus, sung by the Kahimi Karie, 10 years ago.