mardi, août 26, 2008

commission ad hoc

Toog is starting a new experience as a musician: every week, I will compose one song and sing it live for a new live radio program on France Culture called "la commission ad hoc". Xavier de la Porte, who runs the program, already played my music on France Culture, especially the song "sur le terrain de foot", because he's a football specialist (he wrote a book about why the foot rather than the hand). I'm supposed to make also a cover song on a faster tempo. It starts on friday as a marbre (marble), a ghost program, but on saturday, it really starts. It will be recorded at Point Ephémère every saturday from 3 to 5 pm.
The subject I have to work on for saturday is what we call in France BD (comics, with Moebius and 2 young BD authors). On friday, it's about creating a magazine. Next week is about the garden... For the magazine program, I wrote a song about an otaku who reads la vie du rail, a railway magazine. Hope to be à la hauteur, it's scary and exciting! I will try to put the songs on myspace everyweek.
Also, Prelude au sommeil, my documentary about Jean-Jacques Perrey, will be screened saturday 18th october at the LUFF, before a Jean-Jacques Perrey show with David Chazam.

On this photo, you can see the journalists who launch this new, young, fresh radio program: Matthieu, Joseph, Louise and Xavier. Say me good luck!