vendredi, août 29, 2008


Tomorrow we start the new émission on France Culture, recorded in public (you can come: Point Éphémère, Paris). The title has changed since yesterday, it's 'Zone de libre échange'. It's possible to listen to it live if you click the 'direct' button ('en ce moment' tag). It's between 3PM and 5PM (Paris). The program will confront every saturday, two generations working in the same field. Tomorrow is about comics-bd (bande dessinée) and the invités are Jérôme Mulot & Florent Rupert, an incredible/improbable duet work, very good, poetic, abstract, cruel, and Moebius (Jean Giraud). I compose every week one original song about the theme + one cover. Tomorrow I will play 'la bulle éclate', the original song and the cover is comic strip (Gainsbourg). I call it 'cosmic trip Malawi', because I turned Bardot into a Malawi singer. I just realize writing this, that Bardot has become a very racist person, so my unconscious worked for me against racism! Thanks, unconscious, you're a nice buddy.