dimanche, mai 18, 2008

And she said that her mother, as her own parents were about to divorce, was sent to this little village. There she grew amongst cousins, aunts and people, going to the little school, surrounded by beautiful landscapes. An enlarged family that opened her little heart to the world; a family that she started to love almost more than her real parents... As the couple eventually found a peace agreement, she was sent back to the parisian suburbs and started to dream about the little village in Limousin, as a lost paradise. After the 10th june 1944, when she happened to know that 8 relatives from her dearest people had been killed in the massacre, she started to think of Oradour sur Glane non tantum as a lost paradise, sed etiam as a lost paradise turned into ashes.

(a person I spoke to yesterday)

My archive from the 10th june 2004

This is what 'obliterate' means, stupid woman.