lundi, avril 14, 2008

Last month in Paris, the invité d'honneur at the Salon du livre was Israël. What a good idea, what a perfect time! A great sign appeared not in the sky but in the metallic hall were the huge book fair took place: a heavy partition fell on Israël's President during the opening, because of the heavy crowd. The security guards, like angels, lift up their wings together and could stop the wall right before it knocked Shimon Peres head. Here is the only film we have of this incredible event. Did Israël politicians understand the sign? It's an international and easy language; it means: 'I know you like walls in Israël, so here is a heavy wall for you, my friend.'

salon livre 2009

In a few months, let's all go to China! What a good idea, what a perfect time! An other country where liberty rhymes with if I want. I wonder what will be the sign there, if it will be as accurate as the Salon du Livre one. What could it be?