mercredi, février 13, 2008

Sandrine Bonnaire, a beautiful french actress who played with Jacques Rivette and Maurice Pialat, made a documentary about her sister Sabine, an autist person. She started to film her sister 15 years ago, as she was a beautiful young woman. After 5 years of medication and mental hospital, she has changed a lot: behavior, body shape, mental condition: a disaster. But she's still Sabine, a solid woman who's totally depending on other's love.
Dis-able: being unable to. Watch. Think. Walk. Move. This word sounds more tragic in english than in french: handicapé doesn't mean that you can't do anything, you (only) have more (a lot more) difficulties. So why having people like this in this world? We don't need them and the world is not a good place for them, because this is a body world.
Disinterested love. We have a lot to learn through disinterested love... A disabled person is not only a freak but also a way to see the world differently. Meeting someone with no eyes (like my little brother Julien who's blind), you understand that you can see the world without eyes, with words. A trisomic person can teach you what simple means. We are disabled as long as we are not able to love the otherness of the other.