vendredi, février 08, 2008


Edward is from Poland. I like him a lot, we almost got friends. He bought a bottle of champagne for my birthday that we drank early in the morning on the chantier. He also offered me a portefeuille with a 10 euros banknote in it as a porte bonheur.
I can almost drink like he does, like a polish guy. I had a good training period when I was 17, starting every morning with pure gin. I wanted to fight shyness, ereutophobia, and being able to express the revolt I felt without psychological barriers. After 6 months I started to feel pain in my tummy; this is how I stopped drinking. No, I stopped the day when my bottle of gin fell in the highschool courtyard, bouncing on the steps with a loud sound, amplified by the high walls, all eyes around watching me. Or I stopped drinking the day my father proposed some schnaps to his invités and the transparent alcohol has turned into water, thanks to the reversed Cana miracle I made...
Edward is working very hard in Paris, like many of his compatriotes. He is a very generous man who also studied philosophy for 2 years. When I told him about some of my film ideas, he gave me the best art advice I ever had: be simple; make simple. Don't put purée or bouillie in people's head. Then he made sparks again, holding a screw, narrowing its head with an electric saw, risking his own finger without even thinking of it.