vendredi, janvier 04, 2008

pere noel

The new selection of Antonin Gaultier (Tokyo based Digiki) is called Polypunk sexe. It features a photo by me: the name of this dead man is Victor and his proeminent bronze penis has been caressed many times by sexual pilgrims at the cimetière du Père Lachaise. Cool selection, Antonin! Antonin co-produced many songs on Lou étendue (Karaoke Kalk)... Regarding music by Toog, the last little thing appears on David Fenech's new album, Polochon battle for which I was asked to improvise piano. Other music by Toog appears on two plays based on contemporary texts staged by Myriam Marzouki, a very talented young woman who's able to turn difficult texts into very entertaining texts. Her father is a man who's fighting for the human rights in Tunisia. Back to music: my next album Goto + the Goto film diary in the US will be available in 2008; 90% finished. Jean-Jacques Perrey's documentary Prelude au sommeil (= Prelude to sleep, title of his 1957 electronic LP against insomnia) will be ready in the spring 2008; french version first. Great animations by Florian Perret, an other Perrey! Jean-Jacques told me yesterday on the phone that he will play in Rumania with David Shazam, Switzerland, UK and other countries with Dana (Countryman). He will be 79 years old on the 20th january; as Angelo Badalamenti told me in his house, Jean-Jacques and David Lynch, Angelo's favorite people in the world, were both born the same day... Film (end): we are pre-producing le piano préparé (the prepared piano), my first 45 mn fiction (fall 2008).