jeudi, octobre 04, 2007

There are no categories. We make the categories but even if we make them, they don't exist. The power of man to create things that don't exist is immense: it's the power of words. Comparing to God, who by his word, make things exist, we are just talkative bugs making categories. What we say don't exist and the categories we make are not. Poetry is our only space where what we say is 'about to' create. Through poetry, the man is coming close to God's word, this active word, which is a word together with an action, simultaneously. Through poetry, we approach this mystery, by mimesis. We also know that it is nothing but an imitation. Poetry is pretending to have the potential of the creative word of God, to be about to create what's being said, but it's not creating anything. Our word is always missing its creative potential, except for human miracles, when the word reaches the action. Poetry is this word that pretends to have powers that it hasn't. Like a child wearing a Superman's suit, or like a business man leaving his enterprise with a golden parachute, which is the poem itself.