mercredi, septembre 19, 2007

Maybe it's because of my german name (weinzaepflen - which means little wine cork) that I feel more german than french in the depth of my being, more french on the surface. I'm like a black american, or a black french who's never been in Africa, who doesn't even talk the language of his ancestors. I remember feeling like a stranger in the big family gatherings as a kid, when everyone (but my mother) spoke in alsatian. I have no relationship with the german culture (except my 2004 Lou étendue album on Karaoke Kalk, an excellent Berlin based label) but I can hear a german voice from an ancient era, where there was no civilization, no globalization, just the man and an undiscovered world. The Germans invented the hippies because ancient Germans revered the elements as Gods; and the new Germans never lost the link to these roots... (By the way, I believe that immigrants, by living enough time in a new country, are taken along the same collective unconscious as the old inhabitants. Even if they don't speak their language). The Germans discovered and revealed all possible connections between man and primitive times in a modern world... After reading the story of Eden Ahbez, the yogi and pre-hippie who lived on fruits under the first L of the Hollywood sign in the 1940's, wearing long hair and beard, his song "Nature Boy" is becoming much more than a 1948 beautiful hit, by Nat King Cole.