mardi, septembre 11, 2007


I've always been interested in utopia. When I finished my litterature studies in 1994 in Aix en Provence, I wrote a 100 pages dissertation about utopia. It was called "L'échec originel" (the original failure). My idea was to prove that revifying the times of origin in a civilized world is impossible. You have many books about this; for instance, Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, The Lord of the flies (William Golding) or The Island of Doctor Moreau (Wells). The Golding's book even shows that those attempts lead their adepts to more cruelty and less freedom. I'm still interested about it and feel like Spencer Tunick's naked crowds photos are not far from a certain idea of utopia. And when I watch this old gravure of the second Adamit sect, being beaten naked in the streets of Amsterdam, it looks like a hippie movement from the XVth century.


The Adamits must have influenced the theoricians of primitive contemporary nudism, which is nothing but the most recent avatar of adamism. I hope that there will be a Nudist film festival in Paris one day soon, because a lot of nudist movies were shot and this is a realized utopia for millions of people. It's also something that could become an exhibition in a museum and I could be der Kommissar.