jeudi, août 30, 2007

jean jacques perrey 08 07

Jean-Jacques Perrey has become my electronic grand-pa; I think that we did a great job together with his filmed portrait. He said yes to every suggestion I made, never said a negative word about anything. He's not nostalgic and still looking forward: the future is coming, he's not a salt statue. He is the most positive old person I've ever met; the only fear he has is about our world, climate and nature, the spoiled planet we made. Thanks for being such an example!

slovenia beehive painting
A nice exhibition about old slovenian beehives paintings, at the Jardin du Luxembourg. This one looks exactly like a Marcel Dzama's painting. Beehives are the thermometers of the world; check the bees out and you'll know where we go.


Or you can check the frog as it's checking you..

3 femmes

It's a very rare moment, to have Florence's mom, Flo and my mom together in Alsace. My mom is the small one on the right. She's a painter, she's very good at oil painting and pastels. She's living in this area in Mulhouse called cité, near the new cité manifeste.

flo fleurs