lundi, juillet 16, 2007

Charles Anderson

Who's Charles Anderson? He seems to be the same as Andrew Prewett, the painter we were looking for since at least 7/8 years. Flo bought one repro of his painting from a tramp on the street in Manhattan, a cardboard piece that we had to leave in the Off Soho suites hotel because it was too big. Then I found in Paris in the early 00's an old sound effects LP called "Disasters", with a cover by the same Andrew Prewett. Same style, same symbols: the airplane, the accidents, plus riots, floodings and so on... But the artist name here is Charles Anderson and not Andrew Prewett who did exactly the same image. On this one, there's even a Leon Bates © from 1974... Who's Leon Bates? The third painter? We were told that Andrew, Charles or Leon, did a wall painting somewhere in San Francisco during the seventies. Was it a church? A museum? Where? Does it still exist?

Télé Perrey

And here is the first TV made by Flo. It will be used in my documentary. We all miss the old shapes, because they were full of love and ingenuousness, instead of being full of convenience.