jeudi, juin 14, 2007


This is what we call a gesture, un geste in french. Everyone can try to make a gesture, it's easy. For instance, you can take. To take is a gesture. If it's the first time that you take, you don't need to be scared. Once you'll be done with that first gesture, the second will follow. It's life. On this photo, a woman is taking something. An object that I've seen for so long without knowing what it is. It is supposed to be an egg spoon. But the problem is the hole in it. And nobody fixed that problem for so long; they still sell this wooden instrument that destroyed so many meals, so many families. Once again, a gesture is called a geste in french. To make a gesture means faire un geste. But faire un geste also means to be generous: il a fait un geste (he made a gesture) means, for instance, that he forgot about the money that someone owed to him. Or he didn't ask for more eggs.