mercredi, juin 13, 2007


I left my own country in Africa a while ago, due to the second rebellion that started in the army, for kicking me out. But what they got now? Instead of a pale and slim dictator, they have a black and fat one. Moreover, an armed one. Yes, it's true that I was gathering all powers in one hand, which happened to be mine. But I was never mean to anyone. We cannot consider that the hanging of the 77 generals who tried to kill me in 1993 was unfair: they got what they deserved. And to make it a public TV broadcast prevented the population for trying to do other acts like this. Yes, my leadership was a time of benediction for my country. Everyone had food, peace and security. I know that many of the people do regret me. This is why I want to let them know that I'm about to start a new country in France (somewhere around the Larzac), and if they want to join, I will make them room. We need more hands for establishing our domination on this new land. "Justice always won and always will."