mardi, juin 05, 2007

The far away New Jersey's house of Angelo Badalamenti, sitting in an emptied train, while the rain falls like falls. Waiting for him with his assistant Daniel in his first house, which is a studio with 4 rooms (this is where Lynch sleeps when he comes around here) at Lincoln Park. When Angelo showed up, I asked if we could film in his private house, for I wanted to make it warmer then the "musician talk surrounded by computers and keyboards" image. He not only said ok, he did for his old friend Jean-Jacques an incredibly generous interview and a fabulous piano performance, playing a beautiful and moving version of Visa to the Stars, that he co-composed in 65. Then meeting Ed and Ed (Edwyn and Edward) and heading to Rutherford, where they live. We saw the doctor's William Carlos William's house, which is still a doctor's house. There was a blackberry tree in the garden, I never saw that kind of tree in France. I picked some fruits to plant them in Paris, so that I could grow a Williams's tree at our place. At the library (open until late), we were shown a Ruterford's memory book. A woman recalled doctor Williams, the pediatrician, when she was a kid, how he made her forget about the long needle by reassuring her. I always say that if my family didn't exploded as I was 12, I would have become a doctor. Later with Ed and Ed, at the River's cafe under the Brooklyn bridge. I was facing the wall poster I have in my Paris studio, recording the sound of this extraordinary and magic place at night. On my poster, the 2 towers are still there. New York is still such a great and beautiful city, our friends are still extraordinary people. Thanks to you, Karinchan and the 2 Eds!