vendredi, mai 11, 2007


When Constant Martin decided to create a bell without a bell, an electronic bell in the 1940's, he was thinking of the young churches being built everywhere in the world, who had no money for real bells. He also created electronic church organs and later, the little Clavioline, a monophonic synthesizer (1948). I'm happy because I found a Clavioline for a bouchée de pain (a very cheap price) recently. Today, interviewing Michel Gondry about his grand father Constant Martin, I was happy to hear more about this man, who always created new systems, objects, fluids, things. What a strange vocation, to be an inventor. For me, the need of creating the new is one of the highest mystery of human life. Meeting the grand-son of an inventor and a genius, also genius himself. Michel was recording the music for his new movie. It was a nice moment, especially because he accepted to start the interview about his grand-father by a drum performance, that I will use as a transition in my documentary.