jeudi, mai 10, 2007

We the french, we chose what America doesn't want anymore, as the french magazine Marianne said. It's a good way to measure our delay toward America, a delay that has been noticed but never measured: seven years. Little America in France will be a disaster. I won't insist, it's my last post about it, I promise. The day approaches (it sounds like a prophecy but it's not: it's being announced) when the bird flu will start its death job. Between 20 and 40 000 000 people died in 1918 because of this disease; amongst them, the poet Guillaume Apollinaire. The only people who will be armed against it will be the ones who bought Cagesan the bird's debut album. You know it so why haven't you ordered your vaccine abum yet? (this is a new promotion strategy called: terror promo). Back to France, now. Imagine what means a lack of doctors, nurses, transportation, a lack of public service in such a context. Public service: an old, an excellent but an expensive french tradition. We are not prepared for an americanisation of our society; we have a long tradition of socialism and shared wealth. Decisions followed by demonstrations; a country paralysed, a spoiled atmosphere: they already feel it and said right after the election: we won't obey "la rue" (the street), since the citizens chose us. Not all citizens: the old, the rich, the scared. Fuck you, short-sighted ones. (If you're short-sighted, don't take it personnally. Go to an optician and buy the Cagesan album).