lundi, avril 23, 2007


This morning I listened to my new project Goto. After a few adjustments (order, relevance of the songs), my ears decided that it's finished. 10 songs and 41 minutes.

Traffic Jam
Où va la vie
I love you
Are visages electric?
Alabama gay
My house
La chambre noire
Je suis pour

The atmosphere is strange and confusing. Not happy, not sad. The songs don't sound like songs. I wasn't sure about this Goto album 3 months ago. But now, I love it and think: it's really me. John Talaga (Fashion Flesh) who also works with Momus, added the final and magic touch on many of the songs; David Fenech lent his voice on one song. This photo will become the cover; it was taken in Quemado, at night.