mardi, avril 03, 2007

music for free

Music is free, music is everywhere, there are tons of music available, good music, music of all sorts, free, free everywhere. Musicians don't need to get payed for what they like to do, because they are already payed: they get pleasure, they give pleasure...

"The music scene of Japan has been in the worst situation in the past several years. The mass media controls people and they just believe its information. Magazines and TV persist only in the major artists who offer immense advertising money or the artists of their own country". (Rallye)

An other great japanese label: Amorfon

Ceci n'a rien à voir mais est absolument indispensable si on veut s'orienter dans le monde à venir: "le trou est un œil qui fait de l’œil à l’autre" (André Gache). André Gache est un poète. Il est milliardaire. Comme chacun le sait, la poésie fait plus de milliardaires que les gaz russes. Les ressources énergétiques de la poésie sont infinies et non polluantes.