jeudi, avril 19, 2007


I was surprised when we met with our friend Carolin.a from San Diego/Lebanon/Mexico in Paris. As I showed her the posters of our future President in the street, she said: who is he? I don't want to vote for him on sunday, because I feel like he will be a puppet in the hands of the worst capitalists like G.W. Bush in the US. I don't want to vote for Ségolène Royal because she is a socialist and socialism means that the ones who take risks and make money from that risk, are punished with taxes. Socialism knows how to spend money, not how to make it. I don't want to vote for José Bové because a man who destroyed a Mac Donald and cut a GMO field, should not be allowed to be part of the competition. I don't want to vote for Les Verts because the right place for them is in the parlement, not in a President seat. I don't want to vote for Jean-Marie Le Pen, because he is a man whose ink is made of hate. Remember 2002: we had Le Pen against Chirac on the second tour! Bye bye Jacques... I wrote a song for you about your friendship with † Saddam (demo on myspace).